Annoying, completely mixed messages. Does this guy really like me or not?

This guy claimed to like me a whole lot and tried so hard to get me to like him for the longest time. I finally started liking him and told him, and he acted all excited. Now he's ignoring me. Any text I send is ignored and we hardly ever talk. It feels like he's avoiding me. He always chooses his friends and video games over me and he blows off any plans with me. He claims to still like me, but it just doesn't seem like it. If a guy really likes you a lot, would he really do this behavior?


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  • If you can't tell you shouldn't be forced to guess. Demand a straight answer.

    • Well, anytime I ask him, he claims "Of course I do, I'm just busy." But he's ALWAYS "just busy". He's either "busy" with friends, or "busy" with video games, or "busy" with sleeping. He doesn't have a job and doesn't go to school, so how the heck is he so busy he can't even say a single sentence to me? I have 16 credit hours I'm taking in college and I still have time.

    • Then you are "just busy" with finding someone who wants to actually invest in you.

    • Yeah. He seems like a really nice guy, but it's just irritating that he claims to like me so much, but his actions speak otherwise.

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