Have any of you had strange experiences with online dating like POF?

Im talking to this one girl right now and for some reason she decided to start a conversation about snow white. wtf? ok... Share your experiences if you like


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  • lol... I wonder if she Might consider you One of her seven dwarfs here, dear... could be into some sort of sex deal or drugs even and looking for a Real Deal such as this... who knows... feel her out and if it is just too weird, disregard her and find someone who doesn't talk turkey.
    I have done a lot of online dating for the past four years now. A man from Egypt found me as well on Facebook and with time and patience and Skype of course, I ended up flying over to be with him and his family for 30 days. Things went so well that I hopped back on board later on, ending up tying the knot at the Ministry of Justice.
    A person who goes online needs to be educated and aware and wary of online people and who is behind the computer curtain. There are scams and scammers and pros and cons to online dating and with This, there are 'Strange experiences' one encounters here that may cause you to back off, delete, block and even move on to someone More Real.
    Yes, I have had a few 'Experiences' along the line but being as wise as I am, if it doesn't feel right, it probably Isn't.
    However, online dating seems the way to go today and in fact, I'm back in a relationship with another guy who found me online and so far, everything is great between us and being together is even better and hopefully a Real deal.
    Good luck. xx

    • Funny enough she's a self proclaimed dwarf thats how it all started lol. Well I guess anything is possible. Thanks for the input!

    • lol... I see... hmmmm... Snow White, huh? Enchanting... you are so welcome... lol... Thank you for verifying This... good to know no wicked witch with this.:)) xxoo

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  • I got hit on by men. Apparently I'm innocent looking enough to take roughly in the booty. :(

  • not really. It's hard enough just to get a message back online, haha.

    • I know right but I dont take it seriously. Most guys will start with hey, hey gorgeous. I skip all that whiteknight crap and say whatever comes to mind when checking their profile. They don't need an extra compliment lol!

  • I had a profile on OK Cupid a couple of years ago. I'm... not there anymore. Let's just leave it at that.

    • Share your story man!!