Any advice on meeting your boyfriends parents?

His mother is getting remarried, I just feel like it's more pressure because I don't want to piss her off on her wedding day


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  • I sure wish you well! I have done this too. So... be polite, be demure, don't smile too much or too little, don't speak too much or too little. On the first meeting, always defer to her opinions. Don't wear too much makeup (or too little:) Dress conservatively, but wear something nice, especially if you are going out to dinner. Show that you have respect and love for her son without looking like you are taking her place in her son's life.
    If the circumstance is just right-ask her if there is some little thing that you could help with the wedding.

    And don't be afraid! Be sure of yourself. Have fun and I hope things go well.

    • Thanks, I'm going to to my best to calm down, so I can focus on getting ready for this wedding, thank you so much for helping!

    • my pleasure always:)

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