Too scared to get into a relationship?

Hi, well im going to get straight to the point, I've been single for about 3 years now, in that time i was too focused on fixing my self and studies bla bla plus didn't come across someone im attracted to personality wise, before that i was heart broken by someone,

Now, i like someone we ussualy go out as a group of four, friends. The other teo are going out, i wouldn't and didn't see him that way, untill the complements started and attention blabla, plus i have trust issues onviously because of my fear, im scared of getting into a relationship i am soo scared of love itself i cantt hand my heart to someone, im very good at giving advise to others fixing their relationships encorging them to talk what not but when it comes to my self i am the biggest coward i would do anything to block my self from falling in love, yet this guy has everything i look for in a guy and i wouldn't want to look back at my life and say i lost someone or something that had a potential of being. I can't even try cause im so scared what can i do i am so desperate and scared i dont want to live like this and be alone for the rest of my life cause of my selfishness, i find it selfish because im thinking if myself of getting hurt, im more scared of love itself than death


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  • To this sort of question, my answer is always the same:

    In my opinion, you have one life and it is too short to worry about getting hurt. So (in my opinion), wear your heart on your sleeve.

    Basically, YOLO. Not going to waste my one life being reserved and guarded.

    Risk (healthy risk, I am nor saying do drugs) and a mixture of positive and negative emotions is what makes life exciting and fulfilling.

    Stop trying to avoid pain and risk. Life without it would be too boring.

    Let pain build you and make you wiser.

    • See thats how i help others but when its meee , eveything changes, plus trust forget feeling trust thats awfull, my mother left me when i needed her most so since then I've had trust issues, if i can't trust my own mother than how can i trust another person

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    • Ok , will do thank you soo much, hope things in life will always be good for you :)

    • Thanks, and good luck!

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  • Well, you know what they say about hypocrites...

    • Yes it looks like that, but i dont believe in that fear, i just can't over come it myself

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