He doesn't know me well enough to "like" me. But is he at least attracted to me?

Or is he not feeling the same spark?
He seems nervous around me when he sees me coming. Is it just my nerves making him feel awkward?
Today I was talking to him and he didn't gaze into my eyes.
I have had this crush on a guy that works as a lifeguard in my swimming center for a long time (he has no idea)... We had this thing going on where we would make eye contact from across the aquatic centre and I would catch him looking at me but we never actually spoke.
About 12 months ago I moved to a new street- turns out he lives across the road! So ever since whenever we bump into each other out the front getting into our cars, we are friendly even though it's still awkward. He even offered to help me move stuff and told me to go knock on his door.

He seems to get nervous when he sees me coming and will look away or talk to someone. But i catch him glancing at me even when im getting into my car across the road.

Unfortunately though he had a girlfriend who he lives with. But i think they are rocky. I've heard them fighting about her weight (she's big) and there was a week where his car disappeared (but was @ work).
I don't know what to do. Should i ask him to train me to get to know him better?
Would he have that many girls (clients and colleagues - he also a PT) hitting on him that he would have his pick and not care about me?
So today when I bumped into him and we had friendly small talk but he didn't look me in the eye much. He did a bit but it was just me n him in the lift and he didn't hold eye contact when talking with me. Is the attraction one sided on my behalf?


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  • No, he IS attracted to you too.


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