Girls, do you go out with a guy ALONE to bars/clubs/restaurants if you aren't interested (or rejected a while ago)?

Long story short - I asked her out a year ago and got the "Let me think about it" to the "I'm not ready" phase - but now we've started going out again to "dating scenes" such as bars/clubs/restaurants just the 2 of us... I haven't made a move yet for obvious reasons - so I'm just wondering girls if you see a guy as just a friend would you keep going out with just him to these places like a bar to drink / dance / eat? (She doesn't focus on other guys or anything at all so she's definitely there WITH me) Or is that just being friendly?

  • Yes - It's not a big deal we're just friends drinking together... The two of us - friend and friend.
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  • No - Those are dating spots and I only go there with guys I see potential
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Really have to emphasize the "mood" is key here, I feel like it's more intimate spots not for just 2 friends (unless they're both guys or girls, but not one and the other... unless it's wingman + wingwoman) lol


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  • She's probably building up the attraction. The more you guys are going out, the more comfortable she feels.

  • Yeah, I would and I do. I have a friend who has told me he has feels for me but I don't see him as anything more but a good friend. A brother. We still hang out almost every weekend. It's not awkward or anything. He's one of my best friends.

    • Right I understand as I've got a few good female friends like that too, but I would never really ask them out to hang out alone under those settings though, the "mood" is just more intimate, don't you think? like it's one thing if you guys are hanging out middle of the day or even at night just going bowling or something with a bunch of friends.

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    • Interesting viewpoint I can see it, it's like a bro kinda thing definitely. Eh I'm gonna yolo it literally nothing to lose and everything to gain, thanks.

    • Exactly. Yeah, no problemo! (:

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