Why did my crush cut into our conversation?

So I've gone to two events and I've noticed that one of the co-organizers at the event is really cute. The first time I met him we spoke together for about 10 minutes or so until I cut the conversation short by mistake (I started eating my pizza lol) I could he wanted to talk a bit more, but nothing really happened further.

At the next event, I spoke with him a bit but I noticed that he spoke with everyone else more than he paid me attention. There was another guy there who was flirting with me and being a bit annoying, so my crush started cutting into the conversation.

I also noticed that my crush would keep laughing whenever another guy was joking around with me. At the end of the night when we all said goodbye, he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Does it sound like he might be into me or was he just being nice?


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  • Who kisses someone they rarely know and doesn't feel something (moving in their pants). If you don't know him much it's more likely one night stand situations type of attraction whether he knows it or not.


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