My friend told me her guy friend asked about me, but she didn't tell me until a month later?

Okay so, I am a junior in college, I went out to celebrate a friends birthday early December. While at the bar I was introduced to her other friends, including her friend who happens to best friends with one of my guy friends. I always found this guy to be super cute and artsy and my type. When I met him that night at my friends celebration, after I left she said that he immediately told her he was into me and wanted my friend to hook us up. However, I did not find out about this until yesterday! My friend told him that I was already seeing someone when in fact I was not! I think he is adorable and always have and was super flattered when she told me this, but I wish she would have told me when it happened! She also said that she thought he wasn't good enough for me, and when she asked me yesterday if i wanted his number, she said "but i dont think you do" WHY? Lol. SO i dont have his number but want it, but my friend for some reason doesn't want me to go with him? (She has a boyfriend too, so its not because she is crushing on him!)


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  • It sounds to me like she's jealous and for whatever reason doesn't want you two together.
    If I was you i would reach out to him on Facebook And be blunt with him about the situation and how you feel.
    You might still get a date if he's still single

    • Yess, I would love to do that! I am just worried of going against my friend if that would be right or wrong...:/ Such a weird situation

    • @asker the fact you also feel like you can't contact him out of guilt probably means she has stopped you two hooking up on purpose!
      He might fancy the pants off you and you don't even know.
      Definitely message him, once you have spoke for a while tell him you have a feeling she tried stopping you two talking and to save any confrontation to pretend he messaged you, but only if she asks :)

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  • Maybe she doesn't want to lose him as a friend if you two don't work out. Either way, she has no say. Maybe get a hold of him on social media.

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