How do I now my crush likes me back? & how can I not be shy around him when he's there?

I have been crushing on 2 guys but I didn't now who to pick because I like both of them from a long time. Now I kinda think I like one of them more. But I don't now how to talk to him. I'm shy around him. He's friends with my brother which is good. And since I met him he keeps looking at me a lot lately and now he's starting to hang out with my best friends boyfriend. and he told him that he thinks I like him. Which I do. what should I do about this and should I tell him I like him text him or what should I do? but also I'm really shy... please help out thanks :D


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  • I would tell him in person if you do it through text he may think you dont like him

    • I actually texted him and we were talking and then for awhile I asked Wyd and he said nothing interesting... just watching videos after I said oh cool nd he seen it and never replied back so irdk plus it was 10:00 pm

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    • So you think I should just tell him I like him?

    • Well i think its the best idea

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