What is your Hall of Shame date nightmare?

Mine is hands down the best and the worst date I've ever been on.
I "met" her on a phone line dating service. Yes, I know, it's ancient 1990s era... shut up.
It was this deal where you would call and leave a message about yourself, pretty terrifying in itself, and anybody wanting to hear male messages could call the number you left.
I got a few calls within a day or so but one was special. We talked for an hour without even knowing time had past. I asked her on a date. She sounded so sweet and innocent but as time would tell, she was pure evil.
We met at a bar close to my apartment. I saw it as convenient and I'm sure she did too, just not in the same way. I never saw it coming.
She was beautiful. Our conversation was fluid and put any anxiety at ease about such a blind date. She threw her head back with genuine laughter at my cute attempts at humor. Everything was going well and I honestly thought we would be spending the night together. I'm sure she did too just not in the same way. I struck up a conversation starter about our interests to keep it going because I never wanted it to end.
Everything was perfect, too perfect. She got this serious look and leaned in to say something she didn't want the other patrons to hear. She said, "This is a great date" with a playful smile. "I want to tell you something about me but don't freak out. I really like you."
"Sure. What? I like you to. I'm amazed that we just met on the phone 2 days ago. Tell me anything."
She paused, looking down at the floor littered with peanut shells then looked back into my eyes, leaned closer and said, "I'm A DEVIL WORSHIPER. Are you ok with that?"
Holy shit batman! What do you do now genius? I admit, I did not have a date escape plan ready for girls that were devil worshipers.
We still tried to carry on, me out of ideas at graceful exit, her at pulling my soul into eternal fire or something similar just not as grandiose I'm sure, since she liked me and all.

Hard to believe there are no guys posting. I guess I shouldn't have led with the devil worshiper story.
C'mon girls. Most of your dates are hellish nightmares of self perception. ... dish.


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  • Oh gosh that sounds terrible hahahaha

    I don't really have one. I went on an almost date once with a guy my friend decided to set me up with. I was really into my current boyfriend (not dating at the time) but I guess she didn't like him or something. Anyway, she decided to trick me into a date. She literally drove me to the mall, then introduced me to this guy and ran into the bathroom.

    I don't know what she told him but when we met up at the mall (this was a child date, k? Not some fancy adult real date lol) he immediately dragged me to a jewelry store and was like, "I love you and to prove my love I want to buy you this ring and these earrings and this necklace."

    And I was like, oh shit! I'm pretty sure I ran into the bathroom and dragged my friend back to her car and made her take me home all in the span of like 30 seconds.

    • Ha, ha... she fancied herself as a match maker.
      That's funny that she drove the get away car.

    • I think her intent was to leave me at the mall and drive home. No way was that happening lol

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  • My first date with this guy older than me, Cody, he was 19 and I was 16 at the time... his mom came on the date, too. She didn't want us "poking around with each others parts" and then have me file statutory rape.

    • Awwwwkwaaard... ha. that would kinda make me feel like I was on a date with his mom. Poor thing.

    • I felt worse for him, honestly. XD I've had my fair share of bad and awkward dates-- but his love life must've been ruined with a momma bear like that.

      Worst most awkward date caused by me? My three year crush and I were at the mall when my brother showed up and pretended to be my boyfriend. But to be fair my brother knew the dude was only with me for sex soooo

  • Wow, yours sounds terrible! Mine is nothing in comparison: This guy and I both really liked each other and talked to each other daily. He would do romantic things like carrying me or my things, and eventually I flirted my way to him asking me out.
    It turned out that he was super clingy. He told me he "loved me" from the second we got together and never left me alone, and it became awkward to talk to him. he eventually made me so uncomfortable that I broke up with him over SNAPCHAT of all things, and he read my messages, but kept coming to me like we were a couple until I had to yell at him that I knew he was just trying to get to me.

    • I admit to being "clingy" when I didn't have the insight I do now but I know what you mean. It just over shadows any genuine emotion.

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