How can not scare off a reserved guy with my flamboyant attitude?

So a few months ago I became partners in class with this attractive boy. At first he was really cold and wouldn't pay me any mind and would turn and talk to his friends. Now me and him would joke around and have staring ccontests where he just smile and roll his eyes, and would always ask my opinion. He has told me that obnoxious and loud girls annoy him. What I want to know are things that I should stop myself from seeming unattractive because I know there are times im a weirdo and dont act my age and iIreally like him so iIwanna try. Last week iIspilt water on him and when i went to go him dry it he got upset and left. I dont wanna change who I am but i dont want him to think im weird. Help?


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  • have you talked to him since last week?
    because i have two different techniques... you can solidify, or you can play the klutz card, which you have already... you have to make a choice honey. You are either solid or not.


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