Did I turn him off? I don't understand why he was all the sudden not interested?

I was talking to this guy recently that I met on the Internet. Long story short he would text me a lot throughout the day and we talked on the phone. He seemed super interested, but we ended up meeting in person for coffee and all that changed. He seemed interested when we met asking me lots of questions, but I was nervous and it showed cause I've never met someone online before. Long story short he made up some story and said he had to leave an hour into the date... He offered me a ride but I declined cause I'm way out of his way. Well I heard from him the same night at 4 am. I didn't reply cause I thought that was rude to be contacting me at that hour. While he hasn't talked to me since, what gives? Was I that much of a turnoff... I didn't really get a chance.


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  • He could have stayed up all night thinking about it. because. i have personally have done that an then texted the girl early in the

    • 4 am on a Friday night after going out with his friends so my best guess is a drunk text so I didn't reply and never heard from him again

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  • Not replying at 4 am is fine but did you respond later when it was a better hour? Maybe he was waiting to hear back from you? Or he was embarrassed about the 4 am text and figured you wouldn't be interested anymore?

    • But doesn't that mean he's just looking for a booty call if he's texting that late?

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    • What would I do for damage control just wait it out?

    • @ thisxxlovexx
      Agreed she looks uninterested. Don't wait it out he's probably wondering of you are mad about the 4 am drunk text and duh that shows some interest and that he's into you. Get in touch with him tell him how nice it was to meet and see if you can do it again. I would bypass the 4 am text like it didn't happen unless he brings it up. Either way the next move should be yours.

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