Should I give him another chance after he moved extremely fast?

He was moving way too fast for me so I backed away and haven't made any contact and he is wondering why. The first night he was practically saying I was "the one" and making plans 6 months in advance! By the 3 night, he said I love you! And the 3rd week, he wanted to move in together... what the hell!. SO I didn't just slow it down, I halted it! IS that bad, or were these good warning flags to get out?


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  • Those are MAYOR RED FLAGS!!! He even sound like he's the jealous kind of guy since he's moving too fast I'll say take your time I'm knowing him better God only knows maybe he's crazy as fuk beautiful if you continue seeing him but be alert tho good luck girl

    • thank you!. Haave you experience with this? what was the outcome? do you think it means he's crazy or just crazy about me?

    • Yes girl but I did made the mistake on moving in with him after only one month it was terrible!!! He turned out to be crazy he was jealous as fuk he even drove drunk and said he was gonna kill us both because he right I was cheating and that wasn't true he was just like obsessed I had to take him to court got a restraining order that still on place and move it off my neighbourhood

    • omg! Sorry you went through all that. Thank you for the warning! I suspect he is obsessed with me too!! damn

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  • If and only if you think you can calm him down. And get him to see/understand.. How you feel.. His action was a direct reaction from his feelings. Rather than taking time to process it all.. He let it all out.. Essentially bypassing any common since. If you really like him. And judging by the question its self. You do. Then try to explain your self, and how you feel about the situation..
    If he responds well. Then you can take it from there. Including boundaries that he must follow. If he does not respond well.. Like continues with the things he was saying before. Then you should probably not give another chance... I would suggest to start slow. Maybe messages. E-mail something to that nature. This way.. It will give him the time to think about these things before he responds. And also. you can simply, stop. If you feel it's not going any further. or not hearing what you have to say.
    Hope this helps

    • yes, that helps a lot. thank you!!

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