Could he be planning something possibly?

I've been seeing this guy off and on since July 2013. He had bad credit when I first met him but it wasn't his fault. He had hospital bills that insurance was supposed to cover and it didn't. I told him to get a credit card to build credit and he did. He moved from poor to fair but now I dont know where its at. That was when we first met. As time went on he had talked about kids with me... how many would I want and weaseled out of me my ring size. When I asked why he wanted to know he said "for future reference." a lot has happened since then. My parents had a part in it. I finally found a teaching job and I'm in my own apartment. He has been coming back around. I saw on Facebook that he started following this guy on the 21st. He is an independent business owner at this program called wakeupnow. When you go to the fb page it says "WakeUpNow is a direct sales technology company providing innovative products and services designed to help people save, manage and make money." Is it possible he could be saving money or planning on it. Could he be saving money for an engagement ring?


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  • In the grand scheme of things it's posdible he's planning on buying a ring. But I doubt it, he sounds like a smart guy, he's got bigger fish to fry. He's gotta set up a lot of things finically before he can make any big step. Being in a bad way with money doesn't go away quickly. If he wants to have a steady future he's gotta plan.

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