Did I destroyed my chances?

Hi everyone. I have a problem and hope someone can help.
I met a guy online a month ago. We really matched, having similar views on important issues etc. Well to make this story short- we had 3 dates already. Third was happening last night and it was a disaster though he said it was ok. Because we chatted until 3 am previous night I was seriously lacking sleep and acted like I was drunk. I even started the topic about sex (supriced him as he said) and I did so many things you just don’t do or ask on date. Like my brains shut.
At the end of our date, he gave me a kiss. Our first kiss. yaaay I should be happy right? We even arranged for our fourth date. When he came home, he started writting me on Facebook. I replied 20 minutes later and all he was talking was about sex. He now thinks I’m needy. I tried to avoid the topic and we eventually started to talk about something else.
Let me also mention that we are in our 30’s, he only calls me or text message me when we have to meet, he never gave me compliments and we mostly communicate on Facebook.

The issue that now is bugging me is that he doesn’t have me for a girlfriend material anymore. Or am I complicating things and everything is fine?


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  • This is a hard read, and sounds a bit immature considering your age.
    I like guys, a lot.
    And I like sex, a lot.
    I don't like to communicate with guys I'm seeing on any of the social nets.
    See what happens?
    Too much is left out.
    You end up with more questions and doubts than answers.
    Date him, even F him all you want.
    If I'm needy sexually I send out some signals about it.
    Everyone does that
    C'mon, guys are needy 24/7 for us thank god.
    Take it all at face value and maybe keep away from FB for stuff like that.


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  • Just ask him to spend more time physically otherwise such things will lead to more worries. Good luck.


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  • Why don't you tell him what happened last night? Or just tell him that you were a little drunk so you didn't know what you were saying or doing. He might have a different impression but you can't be sure. I think you should talk to him. And ask him if you two are dating or not.