Am I overreacting? What's it mean?

Story of it: Me and my boyfriend were in a relationship for a couple years, he is in love with me always has been. But he did end up breaking up with me when i was around 3 months pregnant. It wasn't working anymore and we argued constantly.. Next thing you know he gets with someone else but he did leave her for me. Then he finds out she's pregnant I couldn't handle it i broke up with him. A couple months later he breaks up with her again for me and we just got back together again, hoping to make it work one last time.

My question: I'm with my boyfriend, we have a daughter together. He tells me he was in love with his ex at once but now just has love for but not in love. They don't talk and she's engaged. But will be talking soon cause she is also due with his son in a few weeks, long story. He didn't cheat.
And he does tell me he don't want her.
Should I be worried? Am i over thinking this too much?


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  • You guys, all you guys, should move in together.
    I really don't see many other options.
    Think of the sex possibilities if nothing else.