What do I do about the guy who ignores me?

I have a thing with a guy that kind of ended around November when something blew up. We were amicable about it and said we'd always be around for each other - it was not a break up, just a breather for alone time. A few weeks later he texted to say he missed talking to me and was thinking of me. But then he scared himself and got confused about his feelings and needed to do him for a while. Over Christmas we started snap chatting a lot and got back to our usual sexy snap chat conversations that go on for hours. And then school started and he hasn't been in touch. I invited him to a group event and he accepted immediately and posted in the event on Facebook and commented on things and liked my comments but he never showed. And he didn't answer me when I texted to ask if he's coming. But he always one hundred percent very quickly checks all of my snap chat stories. What do I do about this dumb thing? We have a long history, but I don't like just being there in case he wants to talk to me one day.


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  • Give him up.
    Thtat all I can say. You should be having someone chase after you, not chasing after them/ waiting for them.
    And don't be there for him every time he wants to talk or whatever.
    Good luck

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