I gave him flowers.. He felt happier.. Will he be liking me?

I loved a guy since a long time who had been in my class and even told him this. I said to him, "you are a beautiful person" upon which he said "so r you". I said, "I may not be. He said not may, you are a beautiful person." I said "how?" He said, "Wait for a while. I'll tell you. everything has a time"... He is a straight forward person. He did not reject me, I didn't find him ignoring me after that. Infact I am a good person in his eyes. That day I arranged a surprise birthday party for him, which he liked it and said to me that he felt so blessed. And that ofcourse he was treated so special by me and how one feels when is treated that special. In addition to this, I also gave him a bouquet separately. He had felt very happy after when we spoke over phone call the next day. Infact I said to him that I couldnt do more than that to which he said that it was not less. I said to him, "Did you know why I gave you flowers?", he said, "yes" i said, "its good that you know it." Did he understand it that it was a small marriage proposal from my side?


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