When to say I love you?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost four months and I know my feelings for him have grown an enormous amount. They're to the point where I think I'm falling in love with him. He means a lot to me and I've dated before but I've never felt this way about someone before. We've taken our relationship pretty slow. Slower than my previous one. We haven't even kissed yet. Can you be in love with someone without kissing them first? How do I know for sure I'm in love with him? He accepts me for me and I can truly be myself around him. He makes me so happy. I just want to know if it's too early to say those three little words. I would never say something like that without truly meaning it. I'd never hurt him like that. He really means so much to me and we even talk about future events such as prom and he wants to sit and watch the sunset with me in the summer. I can see us doing things like that. I just really need some advice. Thank you!


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  • Don't say it, i said it 2 months after i started dating my ex and she dumped me 3 months later via text message. I didn't meant it though, i just wanted to get into her pants. i hate myself.

    • My ex said it the third week into our relationship. We sated for almost two years then he cheated on me and I dumped him at this highschool graduation.

    • *dated

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