Gents - what's your cut-off age for dating a woman?

I'm 25, and even when I'm older, I don't think I'll consider women who are over 25.
What about you?

For short term, <25 is definitely 100 times better.
For long term, <25 is better again. I did the maths.

Suppose you'd want to have 2 kids, and it takes 20 years for both of them to be adults.
Suppose you wanted to travel with your wife, or still do fun stuff once you're kids are grown up, the maximum age I'd say is around 50.
Suppose you want to spend 3 years having fun with your partner before you get married.

Take into account the above, if the upper limit of the chick is 25, then you can have fun till 28, then have kids, then at 48 you still have 2 years to have some independent fun.

Yep, definitely not going to be going for a girl over 25 any time in the future. They're also less attractive and have more baggage.

I forgot to mention - a woman's biological clock is ticking! After 30, her fertility rate drops severely, and the risk of congenital fetal malformations soars.
Jeez, why is it girls answering. They sound bitter.


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  • Men's fertility rate drops drastically after 30 too, you're far more likley to father a child with disabilities or other defects, far more likely to cause miscarriage, you're gonna go impotent and your sperm gets slower and generally less healthy. And who would want that
    And that's just fertility, if you marry a man who is 30 and you want 3 - 5 years on your own , then have kids he'll be around 55 when they are grown up

    Either way though, unless you really want to get dumped, be sure to tell nothing you said here to your prospective bride which is old.

    • Show me your sources and I'll gracefully accept your points.

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    • So it's after 40 as per the article, and not over 30.
      Plennnnnnnty of time :)

    • no, you didn't read right, try again. It clearly says it declines from your 20s on, 40 is just a point in time they picked to measure to establish data. If you're 35 the chances of miscarriage are maybe not twice as high but only 1.5 times as high.

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  • Good luck with that. You do realize you will age too right? It's amazing how you've labeled all women over the age of 25 as "less attractive and have more baggage".

    Ladies line up, this one's a keeper! Lol

    • Don't worry about me, I'll be fertile for twice as long as you!

    • I don't worry about you, in fact I cringe thinking you'll produce children and teach them this ridiculous garbage. Keep on trolling Anon.

    • Keep on cringing and worrying about your biological clock. Trolling on GAG would really solve that!

  • Yeah sure sounds grat everyine wants to date 25 by ear olds forever... Too bad it doesn't stop you from getting older yourself

    • Year*

      Plus who says 25 year old is going to want an olderder person or want to settle down. Most people don't get married till their 30s... People work go to school grad school.. They aren't sitting around waiting for a proposal.

    • Do you know that not everyone screws around after high school and then decides to go to university late in life?
      Yes believe it or not, many intelligent people go onto university after high school, graduate in their early 20s, and board a successful career pathway.

    • i was not talking about peopke who screw around. when you wirk hard towards a career you usyally want to soend time in it befire drastically changing your life.

      Anyhiw ket ne put it in perspective for you.

      You're 25 and you're talking about not dating over 25. You're not saying you're only dating your age. This implies you are not ready for nor expecting to be ready for marriage by age 25... So you will understand that the 25 year olds you decide you want, will not be any closer than you are now to wanting marriage.

  • Who says a girl will want to go after a guy over 25 for the same reasons. Unless you get married in the next year, you may have to lower your standards.
    And you honestly wouldn't give a great woman a chance if she was 27 or something? Life never works out the way you want it to, timelines don't stay on track. You never know what will happen.

    • I know plenty of men in their 30s who are married to women in their early 20s.
      And no, I wouldn't bother with a woman over 25. We have to draw the line somewhere.

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    • does she know you guys are doing great?

    • We're just getting stronger by the day :)

  • I really don't know what to say about this... We are not a baby&sex machine.

    • Who falls pregnant with babies then?

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    • and how do I know you're not an alien :O

    • All my alien friends can shoot laser beams through their eyes and I can't :(

  • Good luck getting married! No sensible woman will want a jack ass like you!

    • I certainly wouldn't want a left over like you!

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  • It depends on how old I am. Currently, I'm 30. I think I'd go no older than 40. Legally, no younger than 18. But I think I'd prefer someone at least 21.

  • I'm 21 but I don't think I would go younger than 19 or older than 23

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