I'm confused about things with this girl and wonder if I should just back off for time being?

I'm confused cause I though things were going fairly good when I talked to her on 3 separate nights during holiday break when a I saw her at local pub. conversations seemed genuine and she seemed to enjoy spending time with me and interested. however after our last conversation on a Friday night just after new years I haven't seen or heard anything from her. and feel maybe I should just back off for time being , I tried to reach out to her once online on her Twitter page and no response , than tried to text her twice and also no response. she's away at college in another city an hour away so maybe she's just busy or maybe there is another guy I don't really know but confused why she's gone silent as she seemed really interested when I saw her last


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  • Either she's not getting your messages so stop sending them. or she's busy or ignoring them so stop sending them

    • but I think overall message is stop sending them whatever her reasons are for this sudden change in behaviour?

    • Yeah I guess if you want to risk being a crazy stalker you could call her but I doubt she would answer because she didn't respond to your texts.

    • yeah I think I should just wait till I see her in person at pub again and maybe she'll be in a better mood , as I'm not really sure what the problem is here

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