Dating an older woman?

i am 27 years old and lately I have been getting asked out by 21 and 22 year olds. I am attracted to them but sometimes I feel like there too young. but they act more mature them most of the guys I know my age. I guess what I'm really scared about is when there 25 and I'm 30 that they will leave me for someone younger.


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  • I would definitely not worry about that. A 5 year age difference is not a big thing the older you get. And, once you are in a relationship it is about the quality of your connection to the other person, whether you respect each other and are on the same page with your goals. A guy who is in love with you on an emotional level will not leave you for another girl, whether she is younger, or cuter, or thinner, or whatever.

    The only thing about the age difference that could be a problem is whether you share the same life goals at the same time. If you are ready for marriage and babies in a few years and he is still getting his career in order, the timing could be an issue. But if you have a good relationship you can work that out. You could wait a few more years to have kids (if you even want kids) until he has a good job. Just an fyi, most guys really need to have a good job under their belts before they can think of marriage.

    Also, if you have not gone out with someone that much younger than you yet then you might want to hold off on the judgment that they are more mature than guys your age. What I found in dating younger guys who appeared to be mature, is that in some ways they were but in other ways they clearly were not. So, they may be someone I can have a great conversation with but they want to spend a lot of time hanging with buddies getting drunk or they are horrible about asking you out for a date any further in advance than a day. Oh, and some are totally in it for the sex. There is a great urban legend out there that older women are the more guaranteed shot at getting to sex than a younger girl. And younger guys are much less likely to be up front about wanting only a friends with benefits deal than an older guy.

    All that said, why not accept a date and see what comes of it.

    • I have met a lot of very immature guys my age. that don't even act like there 21 more like 12, lol. there confused don't know what they want. some still living with thier parents. so I guess a 21 year old might not be that much different from the guys I'm meeting now that are my age. I guess I will just give it a try. it couldn't hurt.

    • Sure. I have dated guys in your age range. I have definitely seen that. The only difference between them and the 21 year olds is that you don't expect a 21 year old to have their act together completely. They may still be in college or just starting their careers and still living at home and that is okay at 21. What they will be like at 27 is still left to be seen. Anyways it is still worth giving a shot, but going in with eyes wide open.

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    • How is it the same?

    • See for a good relation you must understand your partner feeling ,likeness disliness the way he or she approaches towards the things.............quality of work you both spend together...........respect you give to each other and what you feel for each other............once these aspects are clear in you about your partner age never comes as barrier between you and your partner......

  • ye well most men tend to go for younger girl. but if he is younger nd you get together age won't b a factor love is love not age


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