When should I start expecting more from him?

I've been seeing a man (41) I met online for a month now and we just had our 4th date. He's a introvert and a big homebody so we've pretty much been spending time talking and watching movies on each other's couches, which is fine by me (I'm a big homebody too). Things have been going wonderfully and the chemistry is great. I love spending time with me and I feel like he does too. We haven't had sex yet because I want to wait until we are in a relationship first. He said he was fine with that. We have gotten to 3rd base and we have spent the night over each other's houses. I haven't met any of his friends/family yet but he was QUICK to add me to his Facebook page to get to know him better.

With Valentine's Day coming up I want to do something special for him but I can't do what I want to do without some sort of commitment in place. I don't want to push him in fear of pushing him away.

Should I still bring a the big "What are we" question or should I wait a while longer.

Keep in mind that he's been letting me setting the pace of intimacy so far so he COULD be waiting for me to start dropping hints (or be blatant).


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  • Start expecting it now.

    • I don't know why but I thought for sure the first comment would have been to wait and that I was rushing. Thanks!

    • Oh. Don't listen to me. If that's what you expected that's probably the right answer.

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