Should I be dating/asking guys out?

I am 22 in 4 weeks. Sadly relationship ended to start year off with a bang we wasn't compatible with eachother and he admitted he runs away when things get tough and that he has no balls. Which showed me that he isn't a man and not a guy who is good at relationships.

Now I am single, I do not enjoy it and I miss caring and spending time with someone. I am bit worried also as family and most people I know are settled with kid/s or live with their partner.

I know there's a time for everyone to be happy, an I get that but I keep thinking not getting younger and I have no guy interested in me as far a I know. I only get jerks hitting on me and obviously I kniw through dating a few they are not genuine :/.

Most guys will only stare, so they either don't like me or find me unapproachable. I keep thinking will I ever get another bf. I was single a year before meeting my last bf. I am devastated as I was looking forward to birthday with my bf an Valentine's. As I've never celebrated those days ever as always I am single.

Should I just be patient. I keep thinking what if I am 30 , single and no children


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  • Yeah I'm the same, I actually enjoy being in a relationship and even though i only broke up with my ex 3-4 days ago I so ready to carry on trying to find 'the one'.
    And yeah it's totally fine to ask guys out and persue guys.
    If they aren't coming to you the you try going to them :)
    Why don't you slip the guy in the shop your number ;)

    • Hello you :) aw really I am sorry. You seem like a lovely guy, hope you find a girl tht appreciates you. An oh really should I or is it too forward but hey if I don't do anything nothing progresses right? I was thinking of slipping my number

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    • Aw thanks you do too :))

    • @asker my my my cutieeeeee! Thanks for MHO! ^. ^

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  • I think it's good to be single for a while. You don't need a boy to make you happy. Being independent like that will make you even more attractive :) But as time goes by, start approaching guys. Give them flirty looks and things like that, and maybe drop your number to a few. There's no shame in it, many guys who've given me their numbers I've never seen again because I don't call them. But the only reason I get numbers at all is because I'm at work, which makes me easier to talk to and approach. But eventually you'll move on :)

    I'm sorry to hear about your breakup. I answered a question a while ago about your ex-boyfriend not leaving you alone. I was in a relationship at the time I responded to you. We both started off this year single- but we can do this. We can move on. We're not goin to be 30 and alone. We're wayyy too hot for that ;) lol :)

    Good luck!! :)


    • Haha days like these I love this site such lovely people with great advice. Thanks so much. Yeah glad I didn't take ex back its better to move on. I agree guy won't maje me happy especially the wrong one. I enjoy being single but times I really miss having a form of love in my life. Oh God really scary part of giving guy in shop my number couldn't go there again if he didn't call haha. Two times I have done it in past. Both called and had a date ;) aha. Its ok I feel over him now took a month or so but feelings have gone now. Time heals us :D
      An awh we are indeed ;D