How can I make this guy notice me?

I've gone to two events and found one of the guy's there really cute. I've spoken to him once or twice, but haven't really talked that much with him. He always laughs his head off whenever another guy makes fun of me.
The last time we said goodbye he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek (It's the custom in our country) He's 8 years older than me and I'm thinking he might be scared of making a move because he thinks I'll probably reject him because of the age difference (I wouldn't of course)

So, how do I go about making him notice me more and flirting with him?


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  • Just you make a move you dont have something to lose maybe he is not interested or have his eyes on another girl so make him to have eyes only for you, you should make a move its the age difference he may think "im not gonna go low to get a chick 8 years younger than me" and probably i will scare her if i start flirting

    • Hm yeah, I think you might be right. I mean the first time I saw him he was smiling and asking me lots of questions. Next time I'll try talking some more with him.

    • Yeap do your best and if he rejects you it doesn't mean anything at all just move on to the next station ;)

  • He's 8 years older. He may not be interested at all.

    • True, but then again I've been told I'm quite mature for my age. I'm almost 24 and he's 31

    • Well, just talk to him like a mature woman would I guess. And hang off his arm. Dudes love that shit.

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