Guys please I'm stuck what should I do?

Well I'm clearly confused. I've been talking to this guy he's a sophmore and I'm a freshman. We come from different communitis mine always calling his community trashy, the ghetto, and poor. We've been talking for a week today at first he was sweet always calling me gorgeous aND beautiful and texting ALLL day and I loved that. He's mentioned dating a couple times but now there's almost noting to talk about and it's kind of upsetting because I started to like him a lot. He plays football and baseball and loves riding fourwheelers and dirtbikes. He also hunts. I just want to know what I could do to make it likening was the first couple days really flirty and charsmatic?


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  • You have to take initiative. Go up and talk to him about it, even thought it's kinda scary to do so. And some general advice, taking the relationship too seriously is a common mistake for your age. Just have fun.

  • Try to find somrthing you have in common with him an then talk about that or start talking about each other to each other. I've been in this situation before an to be honest I've never found a solution to it


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