Should I talk to my crush about what I honestly think about him? NEED HELP BEFORE I MEET HIM THIS WEEK ASAP PLEASE?

There's a guy that I have been liking for a couple of years now. But for some reason I was so convinced that nothing would happen between us that I forced myself to shut down my feelings for him. So I told him all about my crushes and stuff (except for him) as I would tell my best friend and he started talking to me about girls. We have so many things in common and we have been spending the last two years in the same summer program and kind of started making plans together both for summer and for college. But it turns out that he thinks that I am pretty and used to like me last summer. And now he knows that I used to like him at some point last year. And we both know that two of our common friends tried to set us up. It is pretty clear that we are sort of flirting. He talks about me at home, as his parents told me by accident and he uses a nickname for me when he is talking to his friends. He asked me out on a concert one time. But he also denied to one of our common friends that he liked me last summer and everything is so unclear. We went out with a couple of friends for a number of times. Now we are going to meet alone. Should I talk about what I honestly think about him and us and start some kind of "the talk" when we are alone? Well, cause I am feeling like I am drowning in this sea of uncertainties! Need you guys' help, thanks.


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  • Your friendzoned him by talking about ex crushes with him. so you have to unfriendzone him

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