Why do some girls on dating sites agree to date but then ignore you once you give your phone number to them?

Not every girl has done this, but I've had a few times lately where I'll talk to a girl on a dating site for about a week or so and then I'll ask them out and they'll say yes. But once I give them my phone number for contact, they ignore.

Why do some girls do this? Are they just looking for attention or is it too clingy/pushy for a guy to give his number to a girl, despite a girl saying yes to a date.


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  • I don't think dsting sites are that useful for people under 25.

    • Yes and no. They're good if you have no luck meeting people but you deal with a lot of BS on them.

      It was interesting, my brother said he hates dating sites because it focuses more on the relationship than the person and that it makes people feel like there's something wrong with them for being single.
      I could see the first one being true but I don't know about the second.

    • I think the ratio of bs to authenticity on dating sites is higher the younger the people are, I mean. There are so many good ways to meet people in real life when you're young. You're at the cusp - trying online and off could both be ok.

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  • They changed their mind. If you're giving it out after only a week of contact, you aren't too cautious with your number or you just give it to anyone. I would be turned off by that.

    • It varies from person to person. I've had a few girls give me their number a day or 2 after I messaged them. They say texting is easier, but usually when I ask a girl out after talking for a week or more, they say sure and give me their number. The ones I'm referring to say yes, that'd be great and when I give them my number, they dont respond. Then there have been some I asked out, they said yes and I give them my number and they do text me.

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  • "Are they just looking for attention " <----- this

    • It happens but that's a pretty desperate way to look for attention. Then again just looking for attention is desperate to begin with haha.

    • I do think dating sites have a lot of fake people on there.

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