My boyfriend says he always has to fix himself around me?

We've been dating for 4 months now. He knows I'm a virgin and I know he's not. Def not pressuring eachother. But is this normal? I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering if all guys get like this around their gf?


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  • Yes that's what happens. Guys can't help it. They don't even think about doing sexual things at all with a girl. But sometimes just being around them it happens. Trust me when I say this. A guys dick has a mind of its own. So don't blame him.


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  • At your ages, yeah it's probably normal. Two potential reasons..
    1 you accidentally did something to make him think of sex, and he gets hard causing his hard on to pull against pubic hairs. He needs to adjust that so he doesn't rip hair out every time he moves.
    2 He is thinking of sex and his hard on is pushing against his pants and I'd he doesn't move it into a new position, he'll be uncomfortable, and you'll be staring at the hard on through his pants until it's back down.

  • He's saying that you give him boners and he has to adjust his pants/underwear so that it won't feel uncomfortable because he knows that you're a virgin and he doesn't want you to feel like you HAVE to sleep with him.

  • Fix himself around you? What do you mean?

    • Like he gets a little hard so he has to move it around down there..

    • I suppose it could be normal. I don't know. Although, I somewhat doubt it.

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  • Yeah I'm not sure what he/you mean by "fix".
    Shoot up sperm with a hypo needle or something.

    • Lol no Like he gets a little hard so he has to move it around down there..

    • OK yeah that definitely happens.
      Sometimes his chubby will get caught in his pube hairs if you got it to rise on him. LOL!
      So glad we don't have those problems.
      Guys also get this "blue ball" thing.
      My guy says it's like if you kindof hit his ball sacs like on accident.
      A tap or something, not too hard.
      They get sick and weak to their stomach.
      Guys have to jerk off to make it stop I think.
      Yeah so balls are the last thing we would want that a guy has.
      So wrinkly and weird looking anyway.