Is she playing? or does she like me? or she is shy/confused?

I'm a freshman at a small college, coming from a foreign country. She's a transfer, of sophomore standing. She's decent looking, slim, blond, blue eyes. Overall, physically attractive than me, but not the hottest.

I met her through a common friend, and I thought she's a nice person. We had some friendly small talks randomly. She didn't really have a group of friends, neither did I, but we used to sit together with a group. Later in first semester, she sometimes used to find me when I was not sitting with them, and we generally had a good conversation.

Earlier in the fall, I didn't see her a lot in weekdays but weekends. We tend to go parties together, but she didn't dance with me. This is probably because either I couldn't dance well, or she wasn't interested in me, or both.

Right after the Thanksgiving break, we met and she was giving me lot more attention. That weekend, she wanted to hang out together, and we did. After one or two days, she seemed ignoring me, and I thought I shouldn't linger. One of her friends asked if I liked her, and I said she is a nice person because I was really confused. And I also suspect she hooked up with a guy, who is still hitting on her.

Next few days were awkward, and I avoided her. She seemed to forgot about the weekend and were running into me. I was confused and avoided her. Then she started avoiding too. But before the winter break, I texted her wishing a nice break.

Again, after the break, she was a little nervous around me but we hit off pretty well. She gave me a lot of hints: she said she is intrigued because she can't get if someone likes her, talked about other couples, other guys hitting her. She also said she wasn't and won't be in a relationship in 2 years. So last night I went to invite them for a coffee while she was studying with a friend. She seemed a little nervous but said will think about it. I said I'll text you. It was Saturday, and she again seems avoiding me. What does she want?


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  • Your situation is tricking, it is hard to give you advice because I don't personally know her. It is generally good if you have some friends who know her give you a second opinion because it really depends on what kind of person she is. If she is the kind of person that plays games with a lot of people and or puts them down it would most LIKELY be that she is playing games. But if she is nice it is most likely that she likes you. But its never 100%, so I would get people who know her to help you with this.


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