I think I like this boy but only met him 3 times?

ok so i like this boy, i have only met him three times but i can't stop thinking about him, he always flirts with me but i dont know if he is just joking, but i can't get him out of my mind! help?


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  • I know that feeling, I'm 13 and had that same problem his summer. I met this guy named Rafael when I was on vacation I hung out with him like 4 times but I could never get him out of my mind. At night I would wonder if he liked me too. We always flirted and I could tell he liked me. I know I like him. You can also know if you like him if you feel alone without him or you find yourself thinking of him all day. But trust me I think you can develop feelings for a guy pretty quick so you might like him.

    • i think i do like him, but i dont know if he will like me bak because he flirts with lots of girls

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    • i like every part of him, he is polite and sweet and he is good looking, but i dont really like men that are good looking it makes me feel ugly

    • whit more girls flirting? he want get you nothing oher. if you want only a good sex oke! but i guess you gonna write here your heart broken, dont think more than some nights. the boys, we are flirting until we dont find one true... after no,. only thinking about her

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  • Lol, my boyfriend and I knew we liked each other by our second time meeting and he asked me out. Ask him out or at least ask for his number so you guys can chat.

  • talk to him more!

    • i am going to try but i am a little shy, i just got moved to his class and he sits next to me