Do I walk away and forget about him?

Ok so I met this guy online we have been seeing each other for a month or so, the first date when so well there was definatley a connection and so much chemistry we where texting non stop, like i would get a text off him morning noon and night, we just couldn't wait to see each other next. On the second date he told me everything about himself and his past relationships and how he treated women years back and how he has been really hurt by women recently. He did tell me that he can't commit 100% right now because his life is all over the place and he needs to sort himself out before he get's into a relationship but he does want one when he is in the right space. I was ok with that because i have not been long out of an abusive relationship so we agreed to take it slow. We continued to see each other after that and he was always in contact so it was going so well. But all of a sudden he just stop contacting me he went 5 days without contacting because a family member was sick in hospital so i was ok with that and we met up again. But then he disappeared for like a week and i would not text him first but this time i was curios so i messaged him saying is everything ok and he said yea sorry i haven't been in contact I'm just a bit down so i said but why did you chose to lose contact with me for a week if your not feeling it just say it. And he said it not you at all hun i just feel i need to get my shit together i know it will be easier once I'm on the road again. I don't know what to think should i give him space or walk away?

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  • I don't understand the answers you have to choose from.

    Walk away.


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  • i had before 2 day a break up :( and can say only give him a week if he not answare he not want nothing. i can't write for my gf. so not the same... give him a bit time and after you kan walk away (one week)


What Girls Said 1

  • I had the same "relationship" before. I was very honest and clear with the guy. He was acting the same way, first many messages and then suddenly no contact at all. Then his friend told me there was another girl he was dating. Maybe I was easy to get - not in the meaning of sex as I did not slept with him, but emotionally. It was very hard to leave him as I was happy to have some commitment, but it would have been easier for me months after to forget him.