Is this an issue with my girlfriend?

My girlfriend use to take me everywhere with her like social events etc. For the past 3 weeks she has starting doing stuff and not inviting me she said we need to slow down were moving to fast we have been dating 3 months now.

Today for the first time she didn't want me to come to church with her and she had an engagement party to go too and she didn't want to bring me as her date instead just her kid.

What do you think is going on?


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  • start backing off from her. YOu have no choice at this point. If you don't, she will use and abuse you. Save yourself! Funny thing happens when you pull away, she will come back if she's into you. at 3 months is when the power struggles kick in. You're in a game, now play it!

    • It's been weird she started getting hot and
      Cold on me. She broke up w me last Monday saying she wasn't ready for a commitment and she was freaking out then Monday she missed me and now were dating again. She missed me bc I pulled away from her and ignored text or kept it short.

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    • well that is sad. I hope she goes into counseling if she isn't already. Maybe you can encourage her. But you still have to set boundaries with her. Just let her know you are strong enough to be her man. She is probably backing away for fear of intimacy.

    • Well things started going well since I did back off and let her take control like let her initiate the call or texts, she will tell me she misses and me and came over last night and crashed we went out for breakfast then she went home and I again gave her space she called me about 3 hours later to see what I was doing and then she said she will call me back as she had things to do. I'm backing off and trusting her even though it's been a few hours I don't want to check on her every hour that annoys her bc it will make her think I don't trust her.

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  • For a minute I thought you were the "social events" guy.
    Anyway, she clearly wants to distance herself from you. I don't know why. There may be various reasons. I know nothing about your history with her.

  • What she said, she feels you're get involved in all areas of her life too fast and she wants to stop doing that so often because you haven't been dating long.

  • From the comment below about her past, she may be scared. My ex and I were talking for three weeks and he fell in love with me. He started seeing me all the time, got close to my daughter and then all of a sudden, said he needed space. He has a terrible past and afraid I'd treat him the way the others did. So I guess just be patient. Either she'll figure out you're not like her ex or be afraid.


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