She's almost twice my age? is it ok to date her?

A lady who used to live in my neighborhood and was kind of friends with my family messaged me on Facebook asking if i broke up with my gf, which she already knew, and how my college life is going, then she asked if i could meet up with her for lunch. I said ok cause she is very hot! i got her number and she sent me nudes. I want to date her but it feels a little strange...

But how do i go about dating a woman who is 35 when i am not even 20 please help!


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  • Don't ask any questions, just pound the cougar.

    • Haha thats basically what my brother told me...
      i am just nervous because i am probably not that experienced compared to her i have only slept with 4 ladies my whole life the oldest one being 21! I don't know what she will be expecting or wanting!

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    • Good luck with her :D

    • thanks! lol!

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  • Just don't get emotionally attached to her. What she sees in an 18 year old I'll never know (no offense to you personally)

    • i know thats why i feel strange...
      yeah probably shouldn't get attached
      but the girls i have slept with i have dated for a while or was attached... maybe i should learn to leave the attachment, maybe this will help

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    • same.. that's how i feel
      how do you not grow emotional attachment after a women just opened up to you, both literally and figuratively
      I was taught making love was something you should only share with a woman you love, i like to think i loved all my partners, or at least cared about them before i even had sex

      i just can't have sex with just anyone

    • That's cool. You look older than 18. I can see why she'd be interested.

  • She wants a young hottie in the bedroom. Thats it! Do it!

    • yeah i think i am going for it!!!

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  • Age is crap
    It's all about the chemistry, if it's there date her

  • go for it dude... she's into you basically i believe. she just likes much younger guys... not that common though for a 35 yo, but yet notimpossible!!

    • Thanks bro! i just need to dive into it and not think about it!

  • if hot, go!!! she want only a night or two. and can teach you new things^^

    • Thanks good advice! haha i just need to hit it and quit it i suppose
      thats probably what she wants lol

  • If she's half your age , no , if she's twice your age if you wanna.

  • ew man your 18 in your golden year dont wast them on girls over 29 remember what barney stinson said

    • what did he say lol?

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    • he is in the show how i met your mother and no prob

    • ima follow you your cool