Asking her to become my girlfriend?

I've always been shaky on how to do this. I've been seeing this girl for about a month now, I like her, and everyone who I've talked to says she likes me, and the way she behaves around me says the same. So i was planning on asking her to be my girlfriend the next time is saw her. But, Im not sure how to go about that. is it as simple as, "will you be my girlfriend?" or "will you let me be your boyfriend?"


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  • Now I'm no expert in this stuff but, what u can do is ask her for a walk, it would be better if sun is down, it would be more romantic LOL :P (I h8 the sun) Anyway, when u 2 are walking together, start talking about stuff and then slowly change the subject towards love. And from there, tell her that you've liked her for quite a while, and would love to have her as a gf. Say stuff like "When I'm around u im happy" or "I dream/think about you day and night" and stuff like that before you ask her. ! Hope this helped! Tell me how it goes if u eva do it :)

  • say "i want drinkt a coffee and want know more about you!" if she say no! say "ok i dont drinking never, but whit you wanted be try new things"