Are we just friends or does he want more?

I am friends with this guy and we spend a lot of time together. We have a few classes together and we always sit next to each other, we go to lunch together and go back to my room to cuddle on my bed between classes and watch tv. When we aren't together, he will text me something random about the class he is in or something that reminded him of me. I am always his go to person when he wants to ask something or share random news. So from this, do you think he is just a friend or does he actually like me?

The other day we talked about how everyone probably thinks we are dating and someone in our classes asked if we were dating because he is "very protective of me." Back story behind that is that the guy who asked sat next to me at the beginning of class where the guy I like usually sits so we could study together and the guy I like came in and sat in the empty seat behind us. The guy next to me got the hint after a couple minutes and moved so the guy I like took his seat back right after.


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  • whats are your feels? you need thinking about what you want from he... i guess you need find the answar on your question... you know more about him. but think you are important for him. and yes he want more. every boy want someone... one quest, he flirting whit girls if you are there? if no. then sure.

    • I do like him and he doesn't flirt with other girls.

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    • Any opinion on signs I can give him?

    • invite him on a movie. maybe on a horror or a romantic film an hold his hand. all the same both good. dont need sinema enough your comp. or go shop. buy some new dress and ask him if he want join to help choose. and try use something sexy. but hope you know more about him and you can give other signs.

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  • let me answer this question for every future girl...
    if you are hot he wants more
    if you are ugly he dosent want more
    not that hard.


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