Girls need your views- Great second date but no reply after that?

Alright long story short. I met this girl from Tinder ( it took4 months for us to meet). We grabbed a coffee and took a walk in the park. We had in depth conversation from her field of work to mine to feminism to music. I also gave her a book to read which she wanted to. After first date I was out of country for a month for my work. I come back and we set our second date. She is a vegetarian and I cook great food so I invited her to my place and cooked around 5 types of food. We spent the time playing pool, eating, talking and watching movie (we did not touch each other). We spent like around 7 hours in my place then she leaves to her car saying that she would like to hang out again sometime. We exchanged hugs before leaving. She even liked the food and accepted my offer to take some with her. It was a great day. I texted her good night and said that I had a good time and would like to do it again. She replied that she had a good time too and thanked me for food and the movie. Then I send her a good morning text after 2 days and no reply. I wait 3 more days then again I sent her a text asking how is she doing. I still haven't heard back from her. It has been exactly one week since our second date. I dont understand what would have possibly gone wrong. I guess I should have gone for a kiss that night... Whatever it just feels awful... It looks like No response is the new NO... My question is should I call her once instead of texting?


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  • Maybe she is not just that into you, or... you were too pushy. Anyway, she spent 7 hours with you. First date with my boyfriend lasted three days! (without sex or touching). It was very spontaneous, I felt very good, but when I got home I realized that I spent 3 days with a stranger in his apartment watching movies and cooking and I was like oh my god oh my god what was that, what happened? I was shocked and wanted to take a break. He did not text me the day I left his apartment, and I was happy that "this guy is not chasing me". Next day he sent me a message as a friend. If he had been too pushy, we would not have been together.


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  • It's probably the food (just kidding) she might be seeing someone else. You can always call her but if she ignores you, you probably shouldn't waste your time trying.

  • She's just not into you. What a coward she is not telling you though


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