What should I do after sex? What happens next?

So I've been dating this guy since May. It's been over 4 months. Last Saturday, we went over to his house and spent time together. Eventually, we had sex...it was our First time with each other. After sex, we went to watching TV, and he said- " babe, I'm surprised we got this far. You were just suppose to be some girl, like a fling but here we are still together. "He never had to tried before with other girls, and I ask him then -why were you still around with me when you weren't getting any? He said- it's cause I was different, and I was funny. I ask him what am I now? he goes- " I know what you mean to me, and I know you want to hear it, but I'm not gonna tell you cause I don't want too.

We later just watch TV, and fell asleep I got up around 3 and went back home.

On sunday I text him= you still sleeping? he call back hours later and we eventually talk. He ask me why did I leave? I told him it was almost 3 am, and his mom gets homes, and she would got bad impression if she saw us sleeping and you were only in your boxer. He said, " yea ok...sure." he then ask if I could bring him food 2 his work...so I did bring him food 2 his work, we chat 4 like 2 seconds then he went back to work.

I haven't heard from him since Sunday! I don't know what should I do? Should I wait 4 him 2 contact me, or should I contact him? Thanks!


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  • I’m making the assumption you’re both adults? Is it such a far stretch to think he wanted you to spend the night? I’m sure his parents are all too aware he is sexually active by now. You should feel no reason to hide your relationship from his parents or yours.

    Personally speaking, I hate when girls dash home after sex. Spend the night and leave in the morning.

    As to why he hasn’t contacted you I have no insight.

    MY opinion, not yours.



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