Is he interested or something else?

He started stalking me four years ago. He is a celebrity. Recently, I asked him that we should go for a movie... He told his other celebrity friend that they should see a movie together. He is trying to get my attention all the time but not asking me out. I am not sure if he is single. What should I do?

His name is Shahid Kapoor, Indian Bollywood actor.


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  • I guess he is trying to make an impression. Plus u r quite lucky if someone from the kapoor family is stalking you lol most girls in india would give there life to even have him say there name u on the other hand have him chasing him so lucky you
    and go to the movie, see what happens

    • i want him to ask me out, but he is still trying to get my attention, flirt... nothing beyond that. ya, i guess i am very lucky. he seems very into me.

    • well ask him out yourself?

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  • Nothing. If he isn't asking you out it's because he doesn't want to.

  • Probably he wants to make sure he has a chance. If u keep on bot paying attention he might think that u r not into him. Give him some hope or hint if u r interested and see what happens

    • i am guessing he might be involved with priyanka chopra (indian bollywood actor) n he might be breaking up with her soon, but who knows. How can I drop more hints?

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