Dating a man that LOVES to cuddle?

I met a man online a month ago and I think we hit it off very well. The only thing that is off putting is that he LOVES to cuddle. I mean stroking my hair, caressing my arms, face, legs, butt, eyebrows, EVERYWHERE he can get his hands on. He started doing it on the second date and it sort of threw me off a little. I'm not use to men like this, especially so soon.

While I was startled at first, once I got use to it, it became comforting. It's like I'm 5 years old in my mom's arms again (I know that sounds crazy).

My question is, what should I assume from all of this? Does he really like me that much only after knowing me for a month? His profile said that he likes to cuddle so should I think nothing of it? I thought that meant we would cuddle somewhere down the road of the relationship.

Bonus info: He' a homebody type, he's 41 and he's looking for a long term relationship (if that means anything). He knows that I'm hoping get married soon.


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  • Oh he just likes to love on you... bless his sweet heart. :)

  • I don't know about basing how much he likes you off of this. I think he is just a very hands on, physical, touchy, cuddly guy. I think other signs that show his level of interest in you would be a better indicator.

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