My fiance didn't invite me?

My own fiancé left me out of his college grad he got 4 tickets and he hadbhus parents (understandable) and his sister and his brother over me his own fiance. He spends a lot more time with me then his siblings and he is about to start his life with me why am I second best. It really fucking hurts that he us basically saying I'm second best. I had a huge talk with him about how hurt I was but I don't think he gets it. My mom thinks that it is a sign he isn't willing to put me first lime he should if he didn't even invite me to his college graduation. I mean that is someone that I would think by default would automatically be invited. In my mind it wasn't even a question kd if he was going to give me a ticket. Do you think I need to have a sit down talk with him about him putting me first and what that looks like because clearly as his fiance he doesn't put me where he should.


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  • It was clearly stupid of him. He should have bought a ticket off of someone else who doesn't need all four or ask his brother to sit it out and maybe buy his bro something nice as guys dont usually care about goin to that stuff. But this is his family who he has known his whole life. If you were just a GF i would understand but you are his fiance wearing his ring so I see your point. If it hasn't happened yet, tell him to get another ticket, to buy it.

    • I know he has known them his whole life but it is quality over quantity. Yeah I agree it is different be cause I am his fiance. Why would it be different if I was just a gf thougj? Regardless we have been together the same amount of time and I believe that after a couple has been together for a few years they become equal to family

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    • If it were just a GF then I dont know if I would even be with her in 5 years, then I have some old GF in my pics and not the whole family. They give a max of 4 tickets but you can get one from someone else. They dont check who is with who and even if they do that person can say you are with them. It is just four per student to keep a cap on the size, so you should be able to get one.

    • To be clear, you get the extra ticket from another student, not the school. They may give it to you or sell it to you. For imstance, someone who only has their mom and dad coming will have two extra tickets they can get.

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  • ditch him.. he dont want to include you in stuff.


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  • He's about to spend his whole life with you, I think you should let him off for this one as he won't be able to see his siblings that often after few years. And like you said he spends a lot more time with you than them so let them hang out. You might start being a family but the family he was brought into is also important.

    • His siblings all live ten minutes away so he would still see them a lot I just think its crazy that I'm wearing his ring and I couldn't go

  • You're kind of selfish and will lose respect points if you do.

    • Respect points feom his family and him*

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    • Lol what a fiance he's chosen for himself. Good luck with your marriage lmfao

    • Yeah and apparently he decided his future wife isn't as important as his siblings. Why are you being so rude to me because of my opinion? Am I not allowed to feel hurt about this?

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