Girls using sex to get a guy into a relationship. Does that ever last?

My friend seems to think that the key to keeping a guy is sex.

She literally over stepped me and ruined our friendship just so she could have sex with a guy I did as well (full aware I still had feelings for him).

Wouldn't that seem really desperate for a girl to do to get a guy's attention?

Cause so far it has worked on him. I just do not even understand why a guy would see someone like that as relationship material...

We had only known him since a week before Christmas as well till now. Apparently she is already in love with him.

Even after he got with me her friend. It does not sound like a good foundation for a relationship.


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  • A woman who does that has very low self-esteem and uses sex to keep a guy interested, which tells you how little she thinks she has to offer and how easily manipulated she thinks men are. And men who stick around just for the sex are shallow and probably not emotionally invested in the relationship.

    • I actually mentioned to the guy she is sucking him in and how she is with men in general. I wish I had used the term manipulation with him. But hopefully he got that when I used the term sucking him in with her woe is me, playing the victim type stories she mentions as well. All this the 2nd, 3rd week we hung out as well. Shakes head.

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    • Sometimes they girl is happy to give sex and the man is happy to take it and they both have an understanding that works for them.

    • Well she already claims to be in love with him lol. Good luck to her.

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  • A girl can fake an orgasim to get a relationship but a guy car fake a relationship to get an orgasim

    • Oh yes. I have read about this. Good point! Did not even contemplate that.

      Some things just never added up thinking about the whole situation, especially how they got together. Food for thought.

      Sad she gve up a 15 year friendship for a guy she has only known 5 minutes.

      But already wanted to cut her loose anyway for other reasons. This was definitely the last straw.

      Guess I was too smart for him to pull that over. He could see I had standards, morals and loyalties unlike her.

  • That never works!! look for a guy that wants a relationship.

    • It's gonna eventually crash and burn. Especially when the guy realises that I have been right all along. I have known her a lot longer then he has. She has manipulated the whole situation to go the way it has and he can not even see it right now cause I am guessing all that is in his head is sex and she is using that to her advantage to manipulate him into a relationship as well. That and playing the victim. Can guys usually see right through that once the excitement and honeymoon period wears off?

      Especially if it is already in the back of his mind after I mentioned a few things about what she is like. Shakes head.

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  • No, sex will only physically make them close but not mentally and that's were it will fall. You can't have a relationship just by communicating about sex and that's it. He will realize that, there's more to offer than just a sexual connection because, its common.

  • If you need to have sex with a guy to get his attention or get him to like you, then he doesn't truly like you he just wants the sex.