Did he used me or Its just my mind think like that?

My cousin is younger than me by 4 years we was close friends when we was teen but we split bcoz his home was very far from me after he become 19 he was inspired by me bcoz I won bodybuilding championship I was 4th place I had 8 years experince today it's 11 years of experince ,, then he ask me if I can train him in bodybuilding I agreed and all the past trainers took his money for false results and false steroids

so he asked me to help him to make him success bodybuilder I said ok no pro I would be happy to help u BUT ONCE U REACH THE TOP DONT FORGET WHO HELPED U TO REACH THERE he laugh

After 2 years of teaching him what to do how to train etc he become very muscular and he was intrested to compete in bodybuildng championship but he wasn't ready I told him next year u would be in the top 5 for sure so after 6 month its his championchip the problem i told him already what to do to become in top 5

but since last few months he dont answer my calls and ignoring my calls and lie with me and if I just ask for small thing he wouldn't do it for me

I did a lot for this guy I gave him money when he had no money i shared my food most the time with him I teached him how to success in bodybuilding and how to compete now all what I get is ignore and lie

did he used me or what?

So if he used me what should I do?


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  • Sounds like it bro. Tough titties