How long is it supposed to take to get over someone?

I liked a guy who I knew from uni for about 8 months and went on like 2 dates with him, which was in October, then found out he was playing me and all he wanted was sex. Even after he knew I knew he still insisted that he liked me but started being a complete jerk to me, like he'd grope me in public without my permission. Then when I started avoiding him he continually tried to contact me, I ignored him most of the time. The last time I saw him was just before Christmas and he made it really clear that all he wanted was sex.

This has never happened before, usually if I date someone and get rejected I can get over him pretty quickly. It's so frustrating! I just hate it that he was such a jerk to me. I've been trying to distract myself but it just doesn't seem to work. How long will it take to get over him completely? Does anyone have any tips?


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  • Was this the first time you were used like this? You are young... You are supposed to fall for these guys. It sucks, but they are the ones who take a part of you, a part that you didn't want to give away, one maybe you didn't know was there.

    You were taken for less than you were worth and now you feel like you need to prove something. Don't even worry. Become that guy, but be honest and open. That's how you win!

    • I'm not that young, most other girls have lost their virginity by now. I'm supposed to fall for jerks who just want to use me? That doesn't really help much...

    • by the way, I don't fee like I'm supposed to prove something, that doesn't even make sense. And I'm not going to become a slut because of him.

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  • well, It's all up to you!
    I was in love before and It took more than 2 years to get over him... just as you mentioned my ex wanted sex from me too and that was the only reason he loved me for... If he really had loved you then you can be worried to get over him but remember he was just playing with you so just forget that jerk and show him that you're still far more happy with out him! he doesn't deserve to have some one like you.

    • I wasn't actually with this guy though

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    • I wouldn't say I loved him, I liked him

    • hmmm... then it would be easy for you to get over him because it just seems like an attraction to me :) Try to avoid him and do what you like... everything will be fine