Should I drop her all together?

Overall picture:
I've been seeing this girl for a couple months.
We get along well and have fun.
We see each other 2 or 3 times per month, text a couple times per week tops.

Recently she changed her behavior a lot and I don't like it.
She's texting me everyday and the conversation is getting more and more shallow over time, witch I hate.
When she got to leave my place for any reason (as in I have to go to work) she gives me a hard time saying that I'm kicking her out and stuff like that, and last time she got me 30 min late for work (witch's totally acceptable at my company, but stills)
She wants to come over more often. But from the very beginning I told her that I'm a busy man and don't have much free time, so we wouldn't be able to see each other much frequently.
Today she sent me this long and thoughtful message, with lots of lovely compliments, thanking me for some stuff that I helped her with (she got dropped out from the room she was renting and kinda panicked. I asked her to crash in my place for a couple day's, meanwhile I found a new one for her) and saying she wants me to be in her life for long.

What's on my head and heart:
I don't see myself in a serious relationship before seeing someone for at least five months or so...
At first I thought it could possibly lead to a serious relationship, but since those changes I'm thinking that it might not be possible.
I don't mind being completely honest, but I don't like hurting peoples feelings.
I'm 31, she's 23, and I'm not used to date younger girls.
This most recent message made me feel really good towards her emotionally, yet made me think that she might be even less aware of our situation than I thought before. (Or maybe she just thought it could "fix thinks up"?)

I'm afraid that if she doesn't get her s#!† together I will stop seeing her. I've been giving signals to her on the issue.

So... how do you guys think I should deal with the situation? And why?

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  • I think... she warmed up to you and is being affectionate in her way. And that seems to be annoying you. If you aren't the type to like affection and closeness, you should leave her now. The worst thing you can do to someone affectionate is push them away and teach them to be unaffectionate.

    • Thanks for your comment!
      I actually love affection and closeness. Just don't feel like we are there yet.
      And now kinda thinking we might not get there anymore.
      I believe what's annoying me has more to do with timing. Not really sure although...

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    • Yeah... like that.
      And yes, that's what I'm asking advice for.

    • Sit her down and tell her about it. You should tell her you want this to work out but that some things need to change. Mention it moving too fast but that you do want to be with her.

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  • She sounds nice to me. So what if she contacts you often? The amount of talking you do is dependant on how often you can reply anyway, so I don't see why its an issue?

    And.. well if it is, you can talk to her about and explain how you feel. Nothing wrong with that. Just say you want to take things slower.

    • Thanks for your comment!
      It alone wouldn't be an issue, but summed up with everything it's being.
      And actually... just saying that I want to take it slow might be a good advice.
      So cliche, but stills! I'll consider it.

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