Our conversations are a little dull?

well I've been dating my girl (lets call her Abb) for a little while now and our conversations have turned really dull. They mostly have turned into conversations consisting of the same stuff. Now I'm not saying that Abb is a boring girl I'm just saying that neither of us have much to talk about since we are both basically introverts. I am just asking for some helpful advice to make our convos not as boring thanks :)


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  • Introversion does not make one boring.

    • I'm not meaning to say that it does just mean we don't have much to talk about

    • So create something, silly. Play games with one another. Learn things together. Explore the world. Challenge one another to stuff. Cooperate on projects. There's many ways to generate something worth mentioning.

    • Ok then I'll try that out

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  • Just don't be scared to do something different. Talk to her about what she likes and what you like, really get to know each other and bring up different topics such as: movies, hanging out together, traveling, 21 questions, goals in life etc.


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