Why do I feel the need to prove myself to him?

I don't know if it is totally my insecurities or just our dynamic? We've been on & off seeing each other since August.
He definitely doesn't feel the need to calm me when it's obvious I'm feeling insecure. It's not his job. He's more of a tell it like it is person and have you think/feel for youself.
For example I just moved into a huge house and have the top floor/room to myself. The other people living here are guys. They all are professionals or go to college. They're clean and besides the occasional get together with friends once or twice a week, they're generally quiet too. I know to some people it is strange for a female to live in this situation but it is very cheap. I'm trying to save money for college in the fall. Now I have a chance to move out into a two bedroom with a female. The house is a lot more modern. It's a bit more expensive but I feel like I will be less judged by people and namely more accepted by him. Most people's first assumption when they think of guys is that they're messy, dirty and will try to come on to any female around. (All of my roommates have girlfriends who are frequently over.)
I feel like he doesn't trust me. He thinks I'm going to meet someone else. But he has NO idea of my day to day living! I'm not constantly socialising with these guys, I can go three days without seeing some of them. I told him this (in a friendly manner) but underneath was an urge to prove myself to him.
I'm never going to be on his level. He lives alone in a really nice one bedroom and gets to wear a suit to work while I work at Starbucks. He has already graduated college with a degree in sports management. I've just applied to study nursing in the fall. He's 2 years older than me. I think he wants to steadily date someone who is on his level. I feel so insecure and I don't know what to do.


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  • It's all in your head. Why put so much pressure on yourself? You just seem like one of those people who are always hard on themselves.


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  • the living situation is what it is. if you are comfortable and it is affordable you shouldn't give two sh*ts what other people think. and if he is so insecure as to be concerned about your living situation you shouldn't be with him.

    the rest is on you. he is with you which means that there is something about you that he is attracted to. job, $, degrees, clothes don't make the person. it's who you are. and it seems apparent that is likes who you are.


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