I'm dating someone for a month now, but I'm scared to ask if we are official or just it. What is the appropriate way to ask him about our status?

He is the one asking when he is going to see me next but I'm really confused with his actions we don't really text that much as I think it bores us unlike before we date we text every minute but now it takes longer for him to reply, I'm hurt that I can't ask him what's wrong. And silently crying at night and pretend I'm alright but deep inside I got a lot of questions and thoughts of stopping myself dating him at some point.


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  • What is he your manager?

    You don't ask someone what YOUR rekationship status is.

    1 bc it puts him on the spot he has no idea what you want just bc you ask him what he wants.

    2 it's not his decision where you want things to go, it's your decision. And it's not his decision where the relationship goes its both of yours.

    If you're not ready to talk about it then don't.

    If you're ready then just tell him what you want and see how he feels. You either both want the same thing or you don't. If you plan on sticking around if he's not ready then I'd just wait to tell him bc might as well give it time for him to get on board.

    If you pls. In breaking up with him if he's nit on the same page then tell him asap so you can get on with your life if he says no.

    • Thanks for this 😊 made me realize somethings it's just I dont have that much experience dating a White guy

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    • the colour doesn't have any issue out of it

    • Glad I could help. Good luck:-)

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  • I think jokingly bring it up, or say something like 'oh by the way my friend Andrea is wondering if we really are dating, she doesn't believe me, what should I say?' that will kind of put him on the spot but in a good way.

    • Thanks for this , I'm thinking of doing this this coming Thursday 😊

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    • You deserve to know.

    • Really they find it sexy if you're confident? Never knew that

  • Be direct with him about how you feel but come at him in a light way. You can say "Hey, how are you? I just wanted to talk to you about us and I think calling you would be better, so tell me when I can call you when you have a chance!"

    • Actually he did introduced me with his housemate/friends and both asked us what is our status and they all told us that both of us are definitely together officially.

    • That's really good! Awesome :)

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