Is it normal if my boyfriend doesn't want me to wear some kind of clothes?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating since 1 month. That's him who first talked to me, after spending a few weeks observing me. I think he was very cool, funny and nice. We got on well really quickly. He waited 3 weeks before asking me to be his gf. Everything is perfect for the moment.

Except that he said something that upset me a little. I take care of my appearance, I dress - I think - well (people often compliment me about this), I feel comfortable in my own skin so I'm not afraid to wear tight jeans (never too tight) or cleavages sometimes. I'm always careful to not dress in a way that would shock people and I've never had bad remarks or looks about how I dress. Anyway, guys check me out, whatever I wear.

But last day, I was wearing a loose-fit check shirt and a black top that showed my cleavage. We were talking at a table and my boyfriend looked at my cleavage, I first thought he just liked it, but then he looked up with that weird look on the face and told me to pull my top up, without smiling. I told him it wasn't the first time I wear this top with him and that he didn't say anything before. Then, he told me again to pull it up. I just told him my top was made in a way I couldn't pull it up more and covered a little more my cleavage with shirt, without hiding it.

I don't understand him. Before, it didn't bother him if I wear things like that, he used to like it, it's not even provocative.

We have different cultures, he's algerian and muslim and I'm an atheist


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  • He wonders if you are wearing these clothes for others. He sounds somewhat insecure. Because you are attractive, he's worried. I dated a model once. She was approached all of the time-with me standing right there with her. It was rough. If you care about the relationship, you need to have a heart to heart talk.

    • Yeah, we should definitely talk, but I'm afraid he won't tell me the real problem, or get angry

      I'm not a model, I don't get why he is so insecure, it's only clothes

    • That's why you need to talk... prehaps counseling?

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  • He would have to get over it. Your outfit doesn't sound bad at all.

    • That's what I thought
      What should I do if he told me it again?

    • tells*