How do I get girls to like me romantically?

I get crushes on people really easily, yet the feeling is never mutual. And as far as I'm aware no one has had even a slight crush on me. Is there something I could be doing that's stopping this? Or is there something I could do to at least start some sort of interest?

I'm a bit of a shy guy sometimes, but I'm really awkward and shy when it comes to talking to people I have a crush on because I'm never sure how subtle I'm making it or anything like that.
I'm a nice relaxed guy and I've been called cute and nice many times before. And more than once girls have asked my "Why don't you have a girlfriend? You're so..."
I'm also quite geeky and a bit of a bookworm and gamer. I tend not to start events and going out, but I will ask to join if friends are going out
I talk about things I'm interested in, which is a lot of things. But I do make sure the other person has some interest in it too
I don't approach girls I don't know. But I do know many due to being at university and I have several friends who are girls


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  • Talk to a bunch of different girls, like not to the extreme that you say hii to every girl you see on the street. More like if you feel attracted then say hi have a conversation and see where it goes.

    • Can you clarify what sort of girls I should talk to more? Like people I know or see regularly or?

    • Well girls you find attractive. Most likely will be someone you see regularly. Can be anyone really... someone at some place you like to visit. Someone that shares hobbies --> sporting/gaming/motorcycling you name it.

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  • We need to know about you to answer this. What's your personality like? What do you do? where do you go? What do you talk about? Do you approach girls?